7th Grade 100 Words

abdicate to give up a position of power such as a kingship
2 adjective word used to describe a noun or pronoun
3 adverb word used to modify a verb
4 alliance close connection or friendship sometimes made formal by written agreement
5 alliteration repeating of beginning consonant sounds as in "creamy and crunchy"
6 anecdote short entertaining story
7 angiosperm flowering plant
8 antagonist villian or negative force of a story
9 appositive word or phrase explaining or renaming a noun or pronoun
10 arc part of a circle
11 assessment data that tells your progress
12 axis two intersecting perpendicular number lines used for graphing ordered pairs
13 basin broad flat valley
14 cartographer map maker
15 cliche' stale, overused expression
16 climate normal pattern of weather in an area over a period of many years
17 climax highest point (turning point) in the action of a story
18 colony place that is settled at a distance from the country that governs it
19 compatible close number used for mental computations
20 complementary two angles whose measure add up to 90 degrees
21 composite whole number that has more than 2 factors
22 conjunction connects individual words or groups of words using and, or, nor, but
23 controversial debatable, likely to cause disagreement
24 declarative sentences that make a statement; tells us about a person, place, thing, or idea
25 decomposer feeds on dead organisms
26 depose to remove from office or from a position of authority
27 dialogue refers to the talking between characters in a story
28 diversified having a variety of or having many different kinds
29 economy the production and management of a country's resources
30 ellipsis 3 periods...used to indicate a pause in dialogue; shows omitted words or sentences
31 emigrate to leave one's country to settle in another
32 empire territories and people under the control of a powerful nation
33 exclamatory sentences that communicate strong emotion or surprise
34 expository type of paragraph that gives facts or directions, explains ideas or defines terms
35 expression math phrase that uses variables and numbers
36 extinct dying out of an entire species
37 fantasy not real
38 federation union of colonies or nations under one government
39 figurative creative writing using similes, metaphors, personification
40 fluent able to speak or write easily and smoothly
41 formula equation
42 frequency number of times an item occurs
43 histogram bar graph used to show the frequency
44 hypothesis educated guess; prediction
45 idiom phrase/expression that means something different from what the words actually say
46 immigration coming into a country or region to live there
47 imperative sentences that make commands
48 inaudible unable to be heard
49 inequality symbol, <, >, <, >
50 intermittent not continuous, stopping and starting
51 interrogative sentences that ask questions
52 invertebrate animal without backbone
53 irony using a word or phrase to mean the exact opposite of its normal meaning
54 isthmus narrow strip of land joining two larger bodies of water
55 landforms earth's surface features such as mountains, valleys, and plains
56 landlocked being shut in on all sides or nearly all sides by land
57 landmass very large area of land such as a continent
58 ligament attaches bones to bones
59 mainland main part of a country or continent
60 metaphor figurative language that compares two unlike objects without using the words "like" or "as"
61 monarchy country ruled by a king or a queen
62 nationalism devotion to ones country
63 nutrition body's process of taking in food and using it for growth
64 opposition group of people who disagree with the group in power
65 parallelism repeating of phrases or sentences that are written in the same way
66 personification figurative language where an idea, object, or animal is given characteristics of a person
67 photosynthesis plant's food making process
68 plagiarize to pass off someone else's words or ideas as your own; to copy
69 polyhedron solid figure made up of flat surfaces called faces
70 precipitation moisture that falls from the air such as rain, snow, sleet, or hail
71 precision how accurate is the measurement
72 prefix word parts which come before the root word
73 prehistoric the time before the written word was availabe
74 preposition group of words which shows how two words or ideas are related to each other
75 prime number that has exactly 2 factors; 1 and itself
76 pronoun takes the place of a noun and its modifiers
77 protagonist the leading character; the hero
78 quadrant one section of a plane that is divided by two perpendicular lines
79 quadrilateral 4 sided polygon
80 reciprocals inverse 3/4; 4/3
81 rotations change in location by turning it about a point
82 scalene no sides the same in a triangle
83 sensory details that help the reader see, feel, smell, taste, and hear the subject
84 sequence numbers in a certain order
85 simile form of figurative language that compares two different things using either "like" or "as"
86 statistic numerical facts that are collected and analyzed
87 suffixes comes at the end of a word
88 superlative compares three or more persons, places, things, or ideas (-est, most)
89 supplementary 2 angles whose measure equals 180 degrees
90 synopsis summary
91 tendon attaches muscles to bones
92 their possessive pronoun, one which shows ownership
93 theme subject or message being written about or discussed
94 theory explanation of nature based on many observations
95 there pronoun used to point out a location
96 thesis a statement of the purpose or main idea of an essay
97 they're contraction for "they are"
98 transformation flip, slide, or turn of a figure
99 translation sliding a figure without turning it
100 volume size of the inside of a solid figure